Crocodingus In Cube Island for Nintendo DS

A game made by PXLteam


Story :

Crocodingus the crocodile is happily playing video games when he carelessly drops his "Sprite" drink onto his console's outlet. Unfortunately, the drink in the receptacle creates an electromagnetic distorsion, and Crocodingus gets snatched in the vortex and is sent in the pixel world.


The Game :

Crocodingus In Cube Island is a full 3D game that you can play on your Nintendo DS. You can move the crocodile with the stylus and strike monkeys with its tail!

You must help Crocodingus to finish the game.


Screenshots :




Video :

Features :

- Innovative gameplay combining puzzle and platform-action.

- Full 3D graphics with 60 fps.

- Three graphic environments (beach, green hill, and lava)

- 10 levels + 1 secret (Can you find it?).

- the revolution of sokoban-like games.

- crazy storyline with a crocodile, a crow and monkeys.



download NINTENDO DS (version 1.1) HOT!

download NINTENDO DS (NEO FLASH version 1.0)


PXLteam :

Damien 'madpxl' Corrado: game design, graphic design, level design, sounds

Arthur'birslip' Guibert: game design, level design, code




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